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Subject:A storm is a rusty metaphor.
Time:08:34 pm
Current Mood:lighter
I bear a little book close to my heart where ever I go. I don’t understand it. It’s written in strange words, backward meanings hidden so plainly in clear sight I can almost trip on them. I cipher a line and it’s like lightning in my head—electric jumps of cold/warm water down my spine.
Aaah, I say. That’s right. That’s all I need to know.
I close the little book until next time. (but my bookmark keeps it open, you see.)

It says stop to go.
It says up is down.
It says doing is undoing,
and caring too much only hurts what you care for.

In pursuit of knowledge everyday something is added.
In reading my little book, everyday something is dropped.
Eventually, I’ll drop everything, (even the little book)—and I’ll reach non-action. What can I drop when I have nothing? When I have nothing, there’s no essence of anything and finally…
...here—I am.
A very short sentence.

Current Music:Bob Dylan - to be alone with you
Subject:On a completely unrelated note...
Time:10:11 pm
Current Mood:splintered
Here's some quotes of mine today from driving around. To put it into perspective, Phoenix is like a giant writhing nexus of time and reality bending roads that stretch forever and over lap while running parallel. There are three streets that seem to run straight but encompass every other exit. Half the highways share names, never meet, have multiple names depending on what direction your headed, what temperature it is, whether the poles have reversed, if the stars are in the right alignment, etc. It's amazing.
My dad hands me a map and expects me to navigate this cosmos of uncertainties and non-linear tangents and experiments in quantum physics?

"The highways make two circles that form a shape."
"Keep going, you'll see a road, then.. something will happen."
"No, I don't know what a blinking blue light on a red triangle means either."
"I thought that was north!"
"Why do the block numbers get smaller on both sides of the interstate??"
"I think that was the exit."
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Current Music:Voices in my brain meat
Subject:Later N00bs!
Time:07:51 pm
Current Mood:jubilantjubilant
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Time:11:49 pm
It rained here in Phoenix after a 143 day dry spell with no moisture. It rained for a whole day non-stop, intense satisfying rain. Everything is green and alive now. Tonight I wandered away to a flooded park and waded to the middle of the black pool, wet consumed grass beneath my bare feet, and yelled obscenities at the stars and the moon laughed and we laughed all was well again. I love the stillness of a midnight place.

Subject:More Puppy Spam For YOU
Time:03:20 pm
It's the puppies one week anniversary! ;D Yay!
The beer bottle is supposedly for size reference.. but i dont know. They sleep a little too soundly.
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Time:02:09 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
Zomg, more puppy spam!
So there's 5 in total, 4 girls, 1 boy.

There's 3 solid brown ones, with some random little bits of white on their bellies, and there's one black one with a white rough and tail tip, and the male is the big white and brown one.
Their names are: The big brown female is Porter, the medium brown female is Cider, the little runt brown one is Sambuca (Sam), the black and white female is Jager (mmm deer urine), and the arrogant bastard male who shoves all the others around, is Scotch.
Not even a day old! They make the best sounds, like a combination of a baby and a tiny whoopee cushin.
My cat is retarded and sauntered around the corner of the puppies box, which of course made Tiko (their mom) go beserk, so I grabbed the cat, and he clawed me pretty bad--any worse and we'd of had an extra trip to the hospital, i imagine ;) Little bugger nearly opened a vein in my wrist!
Anyway, soon as evening rolls around, my mom and I have some nice liquor to toast the puppies with. Zomg Puppies!

here's another photo in which you can see Porter on the far left there, then Sam and Jager.
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Subject:Tapping the Keg!
Time:09:43 am
As of 8am this morning--there are puppies!!!

and my mom needs a new futon.
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Current Music:Yonder - 40 Miles From Denver
Subject:Homebrew Puppies About Due
Time:12:03 am
Current Mood:chipperchipper
I hate LJ a lot sometimes ;> It ate my post, so here's the short version:
My travelling has landed me at my mother's for a while, mostly since the stray dog I picked up is about to explode with puppies.
Here is a photo of her fatness. Here is the puppies' livejournal, mutantpuppies because I am bored stiff here.

We've started a betting pool on when the puppies will be born. Drop a comment on their journal or here (if you're on the friends list i suppose,) winner gets a puppy (or a swift kick, my discretion) ;> They promise to be good eatin'!
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Current Music:John Prine - Yes I guess they ought to name a drink after yo
Time:05:37 pm
Current Mood:rabid
Looking for something--anything--to keep me busy and occupied before i *have* to schlep off to class and crunch stupid math-like numbers. Makes me so angry *froths*

I've had the same dream the last two nights--Im driving and its afterdark, and its *Really* dark, like the power is out down the tight urban streets I'm usually driving down. Then my headlights go out and I cant see anything, and there's a couple other cars on the roads (it cant be too late at night) so I pull off at the top of this hill by houses/apartments that I dont recognize. I dont know where I am, but I know it cant be too far to my place if I decided to walk. There's no street signs. But there's a man cresting the hill, on the otherside of the street, coming toward my car. And thats when I wake up (both times by the alarm) but I recall feeling very flighty, like, my normal "holt fuck i dont want to talk to someone--flee!" mixed in with "strange homeless looking man at night--flee!" kind of thing.
But the dream is very tactile and vivid. Will i have it again tonight? I hope not. i hate reruns ;)

And, omgz Timber, your hiaku's are both hilarious and horrible. You should have whatever hand you used to write them--hopefully both of them--burned off ;)

I go to solve for the exlusive "x"
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Current Music:Iron and Wine
Subject:We are a nation of barbaric yappers
Time:05:49 am
Current Mood:awake
It's a done deal in all but paperwork. I'm going to take next quarter off so I can figure out what I'm doing.
I mean, i have a decent idea, and I think what I've chosen should be the best course. Until I can commit to the classes it just doesnt make much sense to spend the money on them. I get nothing out of it.
In the mean time..animating animating p0rn animating. I spent most of my savings on audio equipment, which I'm pretty jazzed about. Nothing, honestly, makes me feel better than getting rid of a huge chunk of money that I earned.
That puts me firmly in debt to this project of mine. Man I love it. Its coming together and I found I've been crazy modivated (tho, of course, its all the wrong kind of work I end up doing.)
I really hate waking up before dawn. I keep thinking its the evening, and maybe I should have a beer or get some dinner or make a bunch of phone calls no one will appriciate at 5am. Comes from having no real sleep schedule I'm guessing.
Blahblah. Yawp.
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